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  • Personal Injury FAQs: What You Should Know

    Unless you are a well-versed personal injury attorney , or unless you have worked with one before in a previous personal injury claim , you probably do not know too much about personal injury cases and liability laws. This can become problematic if you suddenly need to make a claim of your own. Not having a good knowledgebase ahead of time can lead you into legal pitfalls, like accepting too ...
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  • How Pre-Existing Conditions Can Affect Your Personal Injury Claim

    When considering the injuries dealt in an accident and how they should be measured in a personal injury claim , most parties assume the plaintiff had no health problems before the accident. In reality, almost anyone you know probably has some sort of pre-existing health condition, either suffered in a previous accident or developed due to aging or an illness. How will these preexisting conditions ...
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  • The Basics of Trucking Accidents Everyone Should Know

    Trucking accidents are possibly the most frightening thing that can happen to someone while they are traveling America’s highways. After you get hit by a commercial truck, big rig, tractor trailer, or 18-wheeler, you are likely to be understandably upset and confused about what to do next. How can you seek compensation? Who should give you compensation? Do you even deserve compensation? There will ...
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  • Liability in Trucking Accidents: Considering All the Options

    Have you recently been in a trucking accident that you are confident was not your fault? While this is a good start for any subsequent personal injury claim you might want to file, it is actually not the most important part of your case. Instead, you have to become confident in knowing who is at fault. When you act as a plaintiff in a truck accident case, you are not necessarily saying you are not ...
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  • The Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

    Motorcycles can be a challenging, and even dangerous, mode of transportation. Motorcyclists are far more likely to suffer severe or fatal injuries in an accident since there is little protection for them. Like all accidents, motorcycle accidents can be prevented, especially when we understand common causes. Here are some of the most frequent situations that lead to a motorcyclist. Unsafe Lane ...
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  • How To Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

    Even for experienced riders, the road can be a dangerous place. Safety should be a priority for every rider, especially since motorcyclists are far more likely to be seriously injured in an accident that drivers are. Many of these accidents are preventable, however, with appropriate caution and education. Here are some things you can do to protect yourself when riding. Wear a Helmet While it is ...
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  • Childhood Brain Injuries: What To Expect

    Brain injuries are the leading cause of disability and death for children and adolescents in the U.S. The two age groups at the greatest risk for brain injuries are children ages 0-4 years old and teens ages 15-19, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) . If your child has sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI), you may be wondering what to expect. Difficulties of a ...
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  • Brain Injuries & Memory Loss

    Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can greatly change the life of a victim, and may leave them with vastly different cognitive abilities. One heavily affected ability is memory. TBIs can affect the parts of the brain responsible for learning and accessing stored memories, which can cause memory loss or difficulty forming new memories. Commonly, these differences are seen when a TBI victim struggles to ...
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