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Common Truck Defects That Can Cause Accidents

Accidents involving commercial trucks are among some of the most dangerous that occur on roadways and, oftentimes, they are the result of defects. Trucking companies that are more interested in profit than in proper safety tend to overlook federal regulations that require them to test equipment, which inevitably causes tragic accidents. In some cases, it is also possible that the driver neglected to inform the company of the defect.

Defects and Equipment Failure

Equipment failure is also a common culprit of truck accidents. Common examples of how these incidents occur include:

  1. The trucking company failed to perform the regular maintenance necessary to maintain the safety of the rigs.
  2. The company knowingly dispatched trucks that have mechanical problems.
  3. The cargo was overloaded or imbalanced.
  4. The driver failed to make proper truck stops or overrode the brakes.

Of course, sometimes the truck equipment itself is defective. Here are some common examples:

  1. Brake Failure: In many cases, inadequate maintenance can result in brake failure, which can often cause rear-end collisions if the truck is not able to stop.
  2. Missing or Defective Lights: Lighting is important and, when it is not used, accidents can happen. These types of failures can include faulty or dim taillights, headlights or side safety lights. It is crucial for this equipment to function properly since drivers rely on a truck’s lighting to avoid crashing.
  3. Tire Failures: Tire failures are incredibly dangerous and are often the result of retreads or lack of proper inspection. These types of failures can ultimately lead to tread separation and blowouts, which can cause a serious accident.
  4. Missing or Defective Mirrors: Due to the sheer size of commercial trucks, drivers often have to rely on certain mirrors to avoid missing views that can help them see other vehicles along the sides and in other potential blind spots. Without them, this increases the risk of a serious collision.

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