Insurance Coverage Disputes

Blog Posts in June, 2017

  • How Social Media Can Affect an Injury Case

    Social media has rapidly become a commonly used form of communication across a wide spectrum of individuals, both young and old. In fact, according to a Pew Research Center report, 74% of adults were users in 2014. This number is estimated to have vastly grown since that time. Given that social media provides a forum for individuals to share everything from thoughts and feelings to experiences and ...
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  • How Long Does a Personal Injury Case Take to Settle?

    The length of a personal injury case greatly depends on the specific circumstances and how eager you might be to settle. If you are willing to accept less money, a personal injury case can settle quite quickly, though this is generally not advisable. You might not know the full extent of your injuries yet, which means the settlement might not be enough to adequately compensate you for the costs ...
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