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Important Evidence You Need for Your Car Accident Claim

In order to successful in filing your car accident claim, you need to gather evidence which proves that the collision wasn’t your fault and demonstrates the extent of your injuries. The more documentation you have to support your claim for monetary damages, the more likely you will obtain a settlement or verdict in your favor.

The following are the important types of evidence you need to collect:

  • Police reports. Whether you were involved in a moderate or serious car accident, you must get law enforcement involved. The police report is typically the go-to piece of evidence determining liability for causing the accident.

  • Photographs. If you are in a condition to take pictures immediately after the collision and have a camera or cell phone handy, you should take pictures of the scene of the accident. Be sure to get photographs of both vehicles (exterior and interior), any injuries, the skid marks left by both vehicles, as well as signs and traffic lights. In addition, you should also document your recovery process from your injury.

  • Medical records. It is imperative to obtain immediate medical care if you experience serious injuries or visit your doctor for minor ones. The physician will then evaluate your injuries and provide you with a proper diagnosis for your medical records, which can be used in your claim to detail the full extent of your injuries. Ensure you gather doctor bills, prescription medication lists, etc.

  • Information related to property damage. This includes estimates for repairs, towing bills, and estimates or receipts for damaged personal items.

  • Wage verification. A letter from your employer and other verification of your lost wages and compensation need to be taken into account when determining your maximum compensation.

  • Witness information. This includes contact information for any witnesses and copies of their written statements.

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