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Road Trip Safety Tips

As the end of summer slowly approaches, many college students and families are hitting the road to take those last minute road trip vacations. Whether you’re heading up north to visit relatives in Northern California or you’re driving across the country to Disney World, practicing the below road trip safety tips is crucial to the success of your vacation.

In this blog, our Ventura car accident lawyer discusses some safety tips you can follow to prevent car accidents and injuries.

  1. Safety Checks & Maintenance – Before you embark on your journey, have your trusted mechanic take a look at your vehicle. Ask him or her to check your breaks, oil levels, fluids, and tires.
  2. Create a Driving Plan – For those taking longer trips, create a driving plan that allows for the drive enough time to rest in between driving. If there will be other licensed drivers in your party, you may want to discuss who will change over when. As you plan your stops, consider the following breakdown of miles driven.
    • 500 Miles a Day: This would take about 7-8 hours a day depending on varying speeds.
    • 600 Miles a Day: driving these many miles takes about 9 hours. Solo drivers can start to get tired at this point.
    • 700 Miles a Day: If you plan to drive 700 miles in one day, you’re looking at a 10-hour car ride, which can be difficult especially for little ones.
  3. Take Breaks – Many people get excited to arrive at their destination and try to push themselves to drive longer even after they are tired; this is never a good plan. Studies report fatigued driving can be just as dangerous as driving drunk. Most major highways have rest stops with bathrooms and benches for picnicking. Pull over, stretch and rest your eyes at regular intervals before hitting the road again.
  4. Don’t Text While Driving – At Haffner Law Group, we understand it can be difficult to ignore that text or Facebook notification. Just remember, texting while driving is against the law in all but four states. Ask yourself, is checking that notification worth getting a ticket on vacation?
  5. Don’t Leave Your Pets or Children in the Car – Every summer, news of children or pets dying because they were locked in a car is reported. Many people do not realize how quickly the temperature can rise even if you roll the windows down. If you leave your car at a temperature of 60 degrees, it can take less than 10 minutes to rise to 110 degrees during the summer.

After reading this, we hope that you and your friends and family have a safe summer vacation. While we hope you never need to call us, we understand that accidents happen. If you or your loved ones were injured while on your road trip by a negligent third party, our experienced Ventura personal injury attorneys can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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