Insurance Coverage Disputes

What Is the Fastest Way to Settle Your Case?

In order for a case to settle, all of the attorneys working on the case, no matter which party they represent, need a solid understanding of the evidence supporting both liability and damages. Once all the necessary attorneys know about the case, it is not very difficult to get it settled. Experienced attorneys can evaluate a case from both the liability and damages perspectives.

To move your case closer to settlement, or to accelerate the process, make sure that you have gathered all of the evidence that supports the liability aspect of the case you are trying to prove. Have that information provided to the other attorneys on the case, even in an informal fashion, so that everyone understands the liability picture as early as possible.

Regarding damages, even if you have not finished treating with a doctor or health care provider, or if you have sustained permanent or ongoing injuries, your attorney can obtain medical provider reports that describe the extent of your disability or that will explain the ongoing nature of your treatment.

Providing that information to all attorneys, again even if done informally, allows all attorneys to fully understand both the liability evidence and the damage potential. This should move your case towards resolution much more quickly than following the court’s or the code of civil procedure’s guidelines for the exchange of information.