Insurance Coverage Disputes

See Your Doctor Now, Pay Later

If you are injured in an accident but you do not have health insurance, or enough health insurance, you may be able to obtain medical treatment on a lien. A medical lien means that the doctor or health care provider will provide you treatment and not charge you immediately after the treatment. The provider will wait to get paid for the medical services until after your claim is resolved.

The advantage is that you may obtain medical treatment, consultations, therapy and even surgery, while you are making a claim against the person or entity that is responsible for your injuries. As your case resolves, either through a settlement or trial, if necessary, your lawyer works with the medical providers to obtain payment and provide the money to pay for your treatment.

If you do have health insurance, you can elect to have your insurance cover your medical expenses, as well. Your health insurance carrier may put its own lien on your case, meaning that the health insurance carrier will want to be paid separately for your medical services. Finally, if you are involved in an automobile accident, the other driver’s automobile insurance may contain what is called med pay coverage. This coverage may pay for your medical bills without any determination of the other driver’s fault. The med pay coverage may also pay for your medical bills much sooner than the other driver’s automobile insurance carrier will pay for your pain and suffering, or other damages.

There are several different avenues to ensure that you obtain the medical consultation and treatment you need after an accident.