Insurance Coverage Disputes

A Local Lawyer May Make a Difference

Cases are filed either in the county whether the accident or event occurred, or the county where the defendant resides. They are not filed where the plaintiff lives, unless if the event that caused the lawsuit also occurred in the same county.

There are hundreds of lawyers available, and many that advertise. Why may it make a difference to have a lawyer represent you that is local to, or at least very familiar with, handling cases in your county?

Different counties have different rules, called “Local Rules,” that effect how a case is managed by the court system. Judges frequently have slightly differing courtroom rules that vary from court to court.

Hiring a lawyer that is familiar with local county rules, and particular courtroom rules and predispositions, helps the litigant navigate the judicial system. Ask you lawyer, or a lawyer you are considering hiring, whether that lawyer is familiar with your county’s courthouse. How many other cases does the lawyer have in the courthouse? How familiar with the local judges is the lawyer?

It may make a difference in your case if you have a lawyer that is familiar with the courthouse where your accident or event occurred. Be sure to ask a potential lawyer about his or her familiarity and experience with the local courthouse.