Insurance Coverage Disputes

Proper Documentation may defeat employment claims

Employment claims come in many forms, from discrimination to wrongful termination to wage and hour. Proper, complete documentation may defeat and even discourage many claims (except for workers compensation). Detailed documentation overcomes claims since issues with the employee, including hours worked (or missed) and problems with job performance that are well documented are very persuasive .

Challenging claims of a hostile work environment, unfair treatment or discrimination are refuted with a detailed paper trial, including written warnings to the employee as well as witness statements. Disgruntled employees, or former employees, may be discouraged from bringing claims, faced with the weight of prior warnings, documentation of poor job performance or missed work and incomplete assignments. Perhaps more importantly, employees or former employees may encounter difficulty retaining counsel in the face of a proper paper trail. Ensuring compliance with all legal requirements in the work place and in employee management provides credible support for the employer’s practices.

Witness statements, if possible to procure, may assist dramatically in defeating cases of unfair treatment .