Insurance Coverage Disputes

Experienced trial attorneys get the best settlements

No one really wants their case to go to trial. Everyone wants a fair and quick settlement. Why, then, is it important to have a trial attorney represent you for your case? Why do trial attorneys get the best settlements?

Initially, trial attorneys who have taken cases to trial- and even up on appeal- have experienced every aspect of the litigation, from making the early settlement demand, to knowing which causes of action to include in the complaint, to knowing what discovery requests to serve and how to answer them. Experienced trial attorneys know how to take depositions, defend depositions, retain the necessary experts and depose the other side’s experts.

Trial lawyers know how to prepare a case for trial, what evidence is important, what to emphasize and how to present a case to obtain the most favorable result. These skills allow the trial attorney to work up the case to maximize its value and its presentation to the other side, both which ensure that the most favorable settlement possible is obtained. The other side of your case knows that if the case does not fairly settle, the trial attorney is perfectly willing and capable to take your case to trial.

This posture, ability and reputation enhances your case’s ability to obtain the best settlement possible.