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Blog Posts in November, 2015

  • Control where a fight may take place

    “Venue” is the legal word for where litigation should be filed, depending upon a certain, well-defined set of circumstances. In general in California, “the superior court in the county where the defendants or some of them reside at the commencement of the action is the proper court for the trial of the action.” ( C. C.P. § 395.) In a contract dispute, however, “if a defendant has contracted to ...
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  • Wrongful death cases require an experienced lawyer

    When a wrongful death occurs- the death of a loved one or relative due to the fault of another– a terrible tragedy and loss happens. It is very important to utilize a lawyer and law firm that has experience handling wrongful death claims from inception all the way through trial. The experienced lawyer will know exactly how to pursue the wrongful death claim to seek a proper resolution that obtains ...
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  • How do You Value a Case?

    Both plaintiffs and defendants, both before litigation and during it, are faced with the serious question of how to value a case? Are there any rules to determine a cases value? Are there even any guidelines to determining a case’s potential value? What factors are important? What are key elements to address when seeking to establish a case’s value? Perhaps most importantly – who decides a case’s ...
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  • When does the past create liability in the present?

    The law in California has two general scenarios where past occurrences may create liability for present events. The conditions exist where notice of a condition of property or some potentially harmful condition in the past may create liability if the condition is not corrected and someone is subsequently harmed by it. The legal conditions are entitled “active notice” and “constructive notice.” ...
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  • 5 questions to ask an attorney before hiring

    How does a person or company know how to pick an attorney? Once you’ve found a prospective attorney, there are (at least) five key questions to ask: 1. How much experience do you have handling cases like mine? Ask your intended attorney not only if he or she has handled cases like yours, but for how long, how recently have they handled similar cases, and just how similar were they? Also, ask how ...
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