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Blog Posts in November, 2014

  • Law Office by Day, Art Gallery by Night

    The main office of Haffner Law Group is located in the heart of Ventura’s downtown district. Ventura is an exceptional place comprised of a vibrant downtown, thriving businesses, and a flourishing arts community. We like to be involved in the community and we aim to add something valuable and different by providing not only a valuable service to our clients, but also by engaging residents through ...
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  • Why Do I Need an Experienced Lawyer?

    All California lawyers licensed to practice law have gone to law school and passed the California Bar Exam, which is a multi-day, grueling test that has, in good years, only a 50% passing rate. All California lawyers have taken law school classes covering a wide range of topics, and most lawyers specialize in a specific area of law—whether criminal, family, personal injury, or transactional law, ...
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  • Why is it Important to have a Litigation Lawyer Review Contracts?

    Companies, corporations, partnerships, and individuals, enter into contracts on a daily basis. Many companies use form contracts, standard language used repeatedly without updating or reviewing. General contractors generate standard subcontracts for trades, while owners and developers also use the same form contracts over and over. Many of these contracts are reviewed by corporate counsel, a ...
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  • How Important is Client Communication and Trust?

    The relationship between a lawyer and, by extension, the law firm, with the client must be based entirely upon trust and clear, open and honest communication. From the initiation of the first client contact with the lawyer, establishing trust, openness and honesty are critical to maintain the relationship and fully advocating the client’s position. Clients or potential clients may withhold ...
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