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Blog Posts in July, 2014

  • Presentation is a Premium in Jury Trials

    Presentation is an important element of trial practice. What does that mean? How does one utilize presentation during trial? Why is presentation effective? Why should it be considered in trial practice? A jury trial is decided by a group of lay jurors—taken from the community where the case is venued- that decides the case’s facts and the damages owed, if any. The jury is tasked with making ...
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  • What is Admissible Evidence and Why is it Important?

    Juries and courts decide cases based upon what evidence is introduced in court or at trial. “Evidence” is some sort of proof of what happened, and evidence being “admitted” means that the evidence may be offered to the jury. If evidence is ruled by the court to be inadmissible, the jury will never see it and many not consider it. If certain evidence is not admitted in trial, the jury’s decision ...
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