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Blog Posts in August, 2014

  • "Religious" Exemptions- A Matter of Civil Rights

    In the recent Hobby Lobby ruling, five of nine Supreme Court justices abandoned our country’s foundation of separation of church and state and ruled that the religious beliefs of a corporation can trump the rights of employees. It also emboldened some religious leaders like Rick Warren to send a letter to Obama requesting a robust “religious freedom” exemption in Obama’s anticipated ...
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  • What Are Pleadings and How are They Used?

    A pleading is the formal writing that documents your lawsuit’s complaint or answer to a complaint. They are filed with the court and serve as the vehicle towards your recovery or your defense. Pleadings contain causes of action, prayers and affirmative defenses. There are also very specific requirements that must be contained within the pleading—things that must be “plead.” If there are multiple ...
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